<p># who are we galck+ is an entity built on acceptance, inclusion and empowerment. This simply means that we're here for it, all of it - fighting different causes for different individuals with the goal of freedom, equality, justice and better realities for everyone.</p>
<p>LGBTQ+ persons in Kenya and across the world have often been on the receiving end of violence. They suffer stigma, discrimination, physical and verbal abuse, assault, harassment, eviction from their home, loss of job, suspension or expulsion from school etc. Though it is often said that one’s sexual orientation, gender identity or expression (SOGIE) is a non-issue, the violence meted upon said person is undeniably a big issue as it affects their quality of health and life.</p>
<p># the state and religion Violence is further perpetrated against LGBTQ+ persons given the existence of laws that criminalize sex between two consenting same sex adults. These laws create a misguided perception in society that LGBTQ+ individuals are criminal; a perception that subsets of the state and religious institutions advance to further perpetuate human rights violations and acts of violence.</p>

Our mission

To strengthen the coalition’s capacity to provide comprehensive, rights-based services to galck+ member groups through capacity building, positive visibility and stigma reduction.

our vision

A safe and enabling environment for SOGIE organisations and individuals in Kenya.


our partners

<p>### "If You Want To Go Fast, Go Alone. If You Want To Go Far, Go Together" This is about those who consistently demonstrate that they are our genuine partners and friends. At the end of the day, galck+ is not The Movement but a part of it. Together, we have started making great things happen. Undoubtedly some friends will get tired and go their own way and that’s fine. Given our conviction in our goal and our determination to get to our destination, more friends will come and join us. It is an honour to have partners and friends such as these!</p>


<p>When you give to galck+, you fight against the violence the lgbtq+ community faces every day. galck+ envisions a safe and enabling environment for all. A safe space where the fundamental principles of human rights, equality and non-discrimination are guaranteed.</p>

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