Period: Five (5) Year Membership (2021 - 2025)
Country: Kenya
Submission Deadline: 5th August 2022
Applications should be submitted in English.


galck+ with support from Hivos will be facilitating the Free To Be Me programme in Kenya.
The Free to be Me program is seeking applications from committed LGBTQ+-led
organizations to be members of the Community of Action in Kenya. The deadline for
submitting your application is Friday 5th August 2022.

Applications should be submitted in English.


Free to be me is an ambitious, daring and innovative program that aims at building a vibrant
LGBTQ+ Movement that is confident and able to lobby and advocate for human rights and
economic rights. Free to be me aims to bring together organizations and individuals that will
contribute to advancing LGBTQ+ Leadership in advocating for social and economic rights
and bring an alliance of organizations that are experienced and strongly committed to
improving the lives of LGBTQ+ people worldwide. The Free to be Me will be implemented in
fourteen countries in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and North Africa, and East, Southern
and West Africa through an Alliance of committed and experienced organizations worldwide.
The alliance comprises three consortium members: HIVOS, ILGA World, Positive Vibes and
three technical partners –SOGI Campaigns, the Global Interfaith Network (GIN) and
Workplace Pride. Hivos is the leader of the Consortium and as such is responsible for
facilitating the development of the process of the implementation.

In each country, there is/ will exist a Community of Action (CoA). The CoA is a facilitated
safe space where LGBTQ+ people and their organizations come together. Here
organizations share their advocacy plans, priorities and strategies as well as their
successes, results, and lessons learned. In this space, they also strategize to define
potential joint advocacy areas and moments when they can act together. It also is a space
for mutual learning and capacity-strengthening activities. The CoAs will contribute to
stronger individual organizations, as well as closer relations between organizations and a
more diverse LGBTQ+ movement in and between program countries.

Roles and Responsibilities of the CoA

The organizations that make up the CoA will jointly be the driving force of Free to be Me.
CoA will be guided by an overarching framework and a set of qualitative criteria, assisted by
the CoA facilitator, and supported by consortium members of Free to be Me (i.e. Hivos, ILGA
World, Positive Vibes, GIN, SOGI Campaigns, Workplace Pride). Together, the CoA
members will take ownership of and responsibility for the development and implementation
of capacity-building and advocacy strategies.
In the CoAs organizations will jointly localize the Theory of Change (ToC), including context,
power, stakeholder and risk analyses, and develop a national plan of action. This action plan
sets the framework for specific action plans that will be developed in the different pathways
the CoA chooses to focus on, and for future joint and individual advocacy activities. It
identifies needs for (advocacy) capacity strengthening and includes rough budget allocations
per ToC pathway. A safety and security plan is an explicit part of this, as are agreements on

In line with the principles of two-way accountability, CoAs will be encouraged to have open
and honest conversations about failures and successes, and solicit and respond to feedback
from each other and other LGBTQ+ organizations outside of the CoA. The CoA will be
stimulated to course-correct their national plans of action based on these insights, learnings
and feedback.

Each CoA will have earmarked funding for activities of individual organizations, for joint and
cross-over initiatives, for sharing and learning, and to cover costs of meetings and other
costs related to the functioning of the CoA. Part of these funds will be managed by the host
organization in the country.

Characteristics of CoA Members

  • Identify as part of the local LGBTQ+ community
  • Special emphasis on ensuring involvement of LGBTQ+ organizations and persons
  • Organizations that are LGBTQ+ led and/or focused
  • Representation of rural, peri-urban, and urban LGBTQ+ communities
  • Membership will also pay attention to intersectional marginalization and other diversity
    aspects, as locally appropriate
  • Organizations who are receiving funding under Free to be Me


CoA members remain a part of the CoA for the duration of the Free to be Me program
(2021-2025). Depending on the Terms of Reference of the CoA, membership may extend
beyond the duration of the direct support of the Free to be Me Program and its implementing


CoA membership does not carry any direct financial remuneration or compensation.

Selection process

The membership of the CoA shall be ascertained by the Community of Action based on its
membership process outlined in the Terms of Reference.


Please submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) highlighting your desire to join the CoA.
Please indicate:

▪ A summary of your organization (please also share your organization profile if you
have one).
▪ Your history/work in the LGBTQ+ movement in the country.
▪ Why you would like to join the Community of Action in the country
▪ Please highlight what you would bring to and expect from the CoA.

Please send your application to info@ with the email subject: Kenya Free to Be
Me Community of Action EOI (Organization Name)

Application deadline: Friday 5th August 2022.