galck+ with support from Hivos will be facilitating the Free To Be Me (F2BM) programme in Kenya. The Free to be Me Kenya project partners are seeking applications from committed activists and grant-making experts to be members of the 2022 Kenya Grant-Making Panel (GMP). The deadline for submitting your application is 31st July 2022.


Free to be me is an ambitious, daring and innovative program that aims at building a vibrant LGBTQ+ Movement that is confident and able to lobby and advocate for human rights and economic rights. Free to be me aims to bring together organisations and individuals that will contribute to advancing LGBTQ+ Leadership in advocating for social and economic rights and bring an alliance of organisations that are experienced and strongly committed to improving the lives of LGBTIQ+ people worldwide. The Free to be Me will be implemented in fourteen countries in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and North Africa, and East, Southern and West Africa through an Alliance of committed and experienced organisations worldwide. The alliance comprises three consortium members: HIVOS, ILGA World, Positive Vibes and three technical partners – SOGI Campaigns, the Global Interfaith Network (GIN) and Workplace Pride. Hivos is the leader of the Consortium and as such is responsible for facilitating the development of the process of the implementation.

The Free to be Me is creating a participatory grant-making panel made up of LGBTQ+ activists, experts, and allies. The Free to be Me aims to increase the capacity of the LGBTQ+ community to self-organise and advocate for its rights, self-determination, and wellbeing.

The purpose of Free to be Me grant-making is to:

To develop and sustain a mechanism to support LGBTQ+-led groups of different sizes working on a range of issues at the international, country, country and local levels, with emphasis on smaller groups with limited resources.
To increase and enhance access to resources to support LGBTQ+movements by increasing financial resources dedicated to LGBTQ+ -led organisations and groups; providing access to non-financial resources for LGBTQ+ organisations, such as skills building, organisational strengthening, and leadership development and activist support.

Free to be Me’s Grantmaking

Free to be Me upholds a participatory grantmaking strategy. We take an activist-led approach that engages LGBTQ+ people in our grantmaking process. This means that LGBTQ+ people are actively involved at every stage, from determining funding priorities to reviewing applications and making decisions about which groups get funded. All eligible applications that are submitted to the grant-making panel are reviewed by the grant-making panel.

Roles and Responsibilities of the country grant-making panel

The role of the country grant-making panel is to review grant proposals submitted to it and make decisions on these grant applications in line with Free to be Me’s priorities and principles.

Kenya F2BM Grant Making Panel members have the following responsibilities:

  • Participate in (online) trainings.
  • Attend one annual in-person meeting which takes approximately 3 days
  • Take an active part in online F2BM discussions, e-mail exchanges, and online
  • Lead and conduct grant-making processes, including:

    • Review applications for funding.
    • Make collective decisions on funding proposals (decisions of the GMP are final pending ratification from the Steering Committee).
    • Recommend grant-making priorities and provide input
  • Adhere to grant-making priorities set by the Kenya Free to Be Me community of Action
  • Strictly adhere to Free to be Me’s confidentiality and conflict of interest policies at all times.
  • Elect Co-Chairs for their grant cycle.

Time Commitment

To fulfil this position, the country's grant-making panel members must be able to commit to the following:

▪ Participate in mandatory in-person three (3) days of induction training.
▪ Review 30-50 applications (including scoring and providing feedback) over three (3) days in the annual grant-making cycle.

Qualification of the candidates

Essential qualifications:
▪ Have at least 2-5 years of direct involvement with LGBTQ+ activism at the county, national, regional and/or international levels.
▪ Be recognized by other LGBTQ+ activists in their country as an LGBTQ+ community activist/
▪ Have specific expertise or experience working with or for LGBTQ+ persons at the
county, national, regional and/or international levels.
▪ Be able to communicate and write in English and/ or Kiswahili
▪ Be able and willing to work in a diverse environment that includes activists anddonors.
▪ Have a strong commitment to fulfilling tasks and deadlines.

Optional qualifications:
It would be desirable for candidates to:
▪ Identify as LGBTQ+
▪ Have direct experience managing and reporting on grants for LGBTQ+ work.

Conflict of Interest

F2BM Kenya Grant Making Panel members MUST declare a conflict of interest in relation to applications that have been submitted or are expected to be submitted by organisations where they are members, staff, board or they are affiliated to.


Grant-making panel members will be appointed by the Country Coordination Team for a one-year term.


F2BM Kenya Grant-making panel members will receive a remuneration to compensate for their time and energy. The members will also receive adequate travel expense reimbursements to attend Grant making panel meetings.

Selection process

The Country Coordination Team will select four (4) activists and three (3) experienced grant-making personnel to serve as the Kenya Grant-making panel members. When selecting candidates, every effort will be made to ensure diversity across LGBTQ+ identities and representation from further marginalised groups within the LGBTQ+ community.


Please submit your CV and cover letter to info@ with the email subject: “2022 Kenya F2BM Grant Making Panel Application (insert your name)
Application deadline: 31st July 2022.