On Friday night 17th September 2021 at around 7 pm an incident took place at club LA located in the CBD area. The next day, a video of the incident was shared online and circulated widely. On it, it showed commotion outside the club where a man was caught on camera throwing an enormous stone at Club LA’s signboard. This caused panic among people, especially the Queer community who have many times frequented the club and have considered it their safe space.

Club LA took full responsibility to ensure that everyone got out safely and that no one was put at further risk. They immediately contacted the police who later arrested all the perpetrators. Club LA management has promised to continue working with the police to ensure the perpetrators pay for all the damages caused outside the club. The GALCK Emergency Security team visited the club management team on the morning of the 22nd of September 2021 to fact find and to ensure that the club’s security systems are strengthened to make sure all queer people frequent the establishment were protected at all costs.

This is to bring to your attention that they have committed to i) continue providing a safe space for all LGBTQ+ persons and ii) to continue putting tighter measures in place as suggested by the security team. Further to this, we shall collaborate with Club LA in the following ways:

  • GALCK will offer security training with the staff at Club LA
  • GALCK will share the contact details of the response team at GALCK’s emergency response team in Nairobi with club LA management.
  • Club LA will beef up their security at the door
  • Club LA will work on getting an emergency exit door
  • Club LA will ensure they check people’s age at the entrance and only allow people 18yrs and above

We urge all LGBTQ+ persons to stay vigilant and be mindful of their security. Additionally, let’s all stay aware of the situation on the ground and share any suspicious incidents. Let’s help keep each other safe! 

GALCK Secretariat