This comes as a follow up on our last statement dated 23rd September 2021. 

Our Emergency Security Response (ESR) team agreed to work with Club LA after a video posted online created panic in the larger LGBTQ+ community. Our vision as GALCK is to always create safe and enabling environments for the LGBTIQ+ community. We ensure this through the ESR team, whose mandate is to protect the safety and freedom of LGBTIQ+ persons from risk or harm resulting from violence or other intentional acts.  

We committed to training all their staff members on safety and security, among other things. After confirmation from the manager and club owner, we made arrangements and planned to visit  Club LA on the 21st of October.  This was based on the understanding that the club’s management was keen to work with the ESR team to further strengthen their security measures through a comprehensive training program offered by the ESR team.

On visiting the club on the 21st of October, as agreed, we couldn’t conduct the training because many of the staff were unavailable. Together with the management, we agreed to reschedule the training to Saturday, 23rd of October. They assured us that the whole team would be ready for the training. This, however, wasn’t the case. We were met by uncooperative management and members of staff. We patiently asked to take them through the training, but we were met by resistance from the club manager and staff present. We quickly realised that the management would not meet their end of the agreement and the ESR team chose to leave. 

In light of these events, we would like to ask every LGBTIQ+ person to avoid going to the club and if they do – to do so at their own risk. 

In the occurrence of a similar incident, Club LA’s lack of cooperation will directly be linked to the incident. Going forward, we would like to specify that:

  1. Club LA is not a safe space
  2. They are not willing to prioritise the safety of LGBTIQ+ folks

We hope to find other safe public spaces for queer folks. As we continue doing this, we urge all LGBTQ+ persons to stay vigilant and be mindful of their security. Additionally, let’s all stay aware of the situation on the ground and share any suspicious incidents. Let’s help keep each other safe!