On February 13th, 2022, our attention was directed to two online articles that were released with our name attached to them. The articles by Weekly Citizen and Citizen Witness state that GALCK is backing former Dagoretti MP Dennis Waweru for his bid in the Nairobi gubernatorial race.  

We would like the Kenyan LGBTQ+ community to know that we have made no such claim. The Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya does not have any political affiliations — making these allegations preposterous in all regards. It is worth noting during the election period that we shall remain vigilant against such propaganda.

Divisive rhetoric, often targeted at minorities and other vulnerable communities such as LGBTQ+ persons and organisations, aim to tarnish our efforts while serving as a distraction from unresolved social injustices perpetrated by both political aspirants and their opposition. This scapegoating campaign will only serve to increase the LGBTQ+ community’s vulnerability and exposure to violence and human rights violations at work, at home and in recreational spaces.

Our mission during this election season is that our constituents understand their rights, the political system, and the contests they are being asked to decide. We see the need for the Kenyan LGBTQ+ community to be sufficiently knowledgeable and well informed to ensure that they participate meaningfully. We would like to urge everyone to exercise harmony and peace as the election period approaches. Please beware of all propaganda designed to cause rifts and defame the Kenyan LGBTQ+ community. GALCK will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates where necessary.