Date: 4th May 2023
Opportunity: Governing Body Member, 2nd call.
Organization: galck+
Timeline: 4th May 2023 – 19th May 2023
Location: Nairobi

galck+ is the national umbrella body for seventeen (17) organizations advocating for sexual orientation, gender identity, and expression (SOGIE) issues in Kenya. Together, we envision a safe and enabling environment for SOGIE organizations and individuals all over Kenya.

About the Governing Body [GB]
galck+’s Governing Body governs galck+ and has fiduciary responsibility over the organization. This means that the Governing Body must ensure that the Coalition fulfils its mission and goals in a financially responsible and effective manner. The Governing Body accomplishes this oversight and monitoring function by keeping well informed about the activities of galck+, and by making decisions to guide galck+ to achieving success. The governing body also authorizes changes to policy within the Coalition.

Currently, we seek three (3) members with good knowledge of the civil society landscape and how to navigate difficult and highly restricted political and civil spaces.

Key Responsibilities

  • Provide galck+ with effective strategic oversight through the development, review, and implementation of the strategic plan.
  • Oversee the work and operations of the Secretariat including approving the annual work plans, financial reports, budget, and institutional policies, and appointing the auditors.
  • Provide governance to the galck+ Secretariat to ensure they meet galck+’s mission and goals.
  • Appoint and oversee the Executive Coordinator who is responsible for the day-to-day operations and provides supervision, yearly appraisal, and support.
  • Ensure compliance with governing documents and all relevant legislation or regulations.
  • Ensure accountability and transparency and hold Management to account for delivering the strategy.
  • Regularly review the adequacy and appropriateness of policies, systems, and controls put in place, and the sufficiency of the reporting.
  • Prepare for and attend Governing Body meetings as stipulated in the Coalition’s manual.
  • Engage in, where feasible and appropriate, key galck+ events such as the Members Forum.
  • Adhere to principles of good governance and the Governing Body’s code of conduct and manual.
  • Adhere to galck+’s confidentiality and conflict of interest policies.

Person Specification

The ideal candidate will:

  • Be a Kenyan national or resident. Demonstrate a strong understanding of and commitment to human rights and social justice.
  • Possess excellent knowledge of and analysis of sexual orientation and gender diversity and expression (SOGIE).
  • Come from either/or an activist or professional background.
  • Provide intellectual leadership, based on knowledge and experience of SOGIESC, Human Rights, and/or development finance issues.
  • Demonstrate capability to apply sound political judgment and strategic thinking to complex problems as they relate to effective leadership of institutions.
  • Inform communication and advocacy strategies that can be applied to decision-makers at
  • the highest level, including ministers, religious entities, and heads of other SOGIESC, Human Rights, and development finance agencies.
  • Be sensitive to the political and cultural environment which Kenyan SOGIESC navigate.
  • Demonstrate a passion for the mission and work of the galck+.

Terms of service:

Governing Body membership is voluntary, for a term of three (3) years, renewable twice. All costs related to attending Governing Body meetings and carrying out Governing Body responsibilities including travel are covered by galck+.

How to apply:

Please email your CV and a letter of interest, to info@ describing your interests, skills, and background by using the reference “galck+ Governing Body”.