Gay Kenya Trust (GKT)

Gay Kenya Trust was formed in 2006, and is a human rights and media advocacy organization for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Queer persons, committed to the defense of their civil liberties, through community education, opinion publications and legal petitions that redress discriminatory processes denying LGBQ people safety, dignity and equal participation in society.

Mission: To advocate for human rights in order to create legal reforms that enshrine values of inclusivity and non-discrimination of LGBQ persons.

Vision: A leading human rights advocacy organization for the attainment of a society that is inclusive and free from discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

GKT's focus areas include human rights advocacy and training, inclusivity, legal reform, media advocacy and communication as well as empowerment of LGBQ persons with the following objectives:

  • To advocate against all forms of legal, social, cultural and economic discrimination and persecution of Kenyans who identify as LGBQ.
  • To work for the accomplishment of respect and greater tolerance in society towards sexual minority persons through awareness creation, greater participation in the socio-political arena and bettering their standard of living.
  • To create a united, focused infrastructure that will support the overall well being of LGBQ people in Kenya through innovative and emerging opportunities.
  • To create a platform where issues affecting LGBQ persons can be addressed and aired while having recorded data on LGBQ issues across the country while offering a one stop point for access to information on LGBQ issues.