Job Type: Consultancy – Short Term
Unit: Governance and Management
Contract Period: 1 month (22 working days)
Location: BUNGOMA
Application Deadline: 27th DECEMBER 2021

GUMZO youth group is composed of sexual and gender minority persons (SOGIE ), registered in 2018 operating in Bungoma and Transnzoia counties, we aim to help and champion for our members access to vital health care and empower them economically through income-generating activities. Gumzo hopes to push for a healthier and safe society where the SOGIE persons human rights are dignified.
The name ‘GUMZO’ is Swahili for A Chat its emphasis the need to dialogue and understand that we can appreciate diversity and that all persons are human with human rights regardless of their gender identity, expression, race etc.
GUMZO thematic focus is health, security advocacy and empowerment.

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