Free to Be Me – Security Consultant

Period: 8th November 2021 – 10th December 2021
Scope: Needs assessment on holistic safety and security needs of host organizations
Countries: Kenya, Uganda & Rwanda
Duration: Thirty (30) days


Free to be Me puts LGBTIQ+ people and their organizations in the driving seat. Local LGBTIQ+ organizations are best placed to indicate their needs, opportunities and risks. Enabling them to effectively lobby and advocate for their own rights, is our best chance to achieve long-lasting impact. This is what makes our program unique: we bring the principles of local ownership, gender equality, diversity, and inclusion into practice.

Our consortium brings together a wealth of experience with enhancing LGBTIQ+ leadership, and many rightsholders are already organized in a diversity of ways. They are aware of their human and economic rights and ready to join forces with their peers and allies, to improve these rights. Free to be Me goes beyond local ownership of the program: we support LGBTIQ+ activists in strengthening and taking this ownership, working from their own safe space, the Community of Action (CoA). Our regranting system is participatory, rightsholders are represented in our governance system and we will be as accountable to them as they are to us.

The Free to be Me alliance consists of six diverse and experienced organizations that are strongly committed to improving the lives of LGBTIQ+ people worldwide. For many LGBTIQ+ organizations, Hivos was the first funder thanks to our support since the 1990s. Rooted in regional hubs, Hivos regrants and connects to creatives, techies and data specialists. Positive Vibes improves the well-being, resilience and ‘coming to voice’ of activists, communities and organizations, while ILGA World is the global network of LGBTIQ+ organizations, with 1654 members in 162 countries, and an influential voice at the international level.

Technical partner Sogicampaigns has a wealth of experience in supporting LGBTIQ+ activists to positively influence public opinion, the Global lnterfaith Network knows how to engage religious leaders in dialogues with LGBTIQ+ people of faith, and Workplace Pride brings in its valuable networks and understanding of how to involve (multinational) companies in workplace inclusion.

The Free to be Me alliance will work in fourteen countries in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and North
Africa, and East, Southern and West-Africa.

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