Ivy is a communication strategist and project manager based in Nairobi.

She has a deep interest in understanding human behaviour and uses those insights to create native solutions to a highlighted problem.

With her Psychology training as her foundation, she uses her understanding of human behaviour to inform communication strategies. Her career began as a social work volunteer in a hospital and grew professionally through marketing. Her digital marketing experience heightened her interest in how digital tools and platforms have become central to how people organise and make decisions. This was especially through the work she did for the Beefeater Pink launch campaign which was awarded by the Marketing Society of Kenya.

She also currently hosts and produces the Down The Rabbit Hole — a podcast designed with 20-somethings in mind. Through it, she explores the experience of being a young adult navigating work, sexuality, family and other topics. The goal is to build a body of work that centres the lives and experiences of African youth while creating solutions relatable to us.