Kenya Youth Development and Education Support Association (KYdesa)

Kenya Youth Development and Education Support Association [KYdesa] is a non-profit community-based organization founded in April 2009 and registered in 2012 as a Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual community-based organization. The organisations was established as a result of MSM Posttest club during a community outreach engagement supported by LVCT Health in 2009.

KYdesa operates by building networks and reaching out to LGB communities in different sub-counties in Nakuru County.

Mission: To promote health rights, empower, inform and engage LGB communities.

Vision: A center of excellence in health and human rights promotion.

KYdesa’s focus areas include;

  • Human Rights; through which we promote recognition and solidarity of marginalized population (LGB).
  • Policy/Advocacy; through which we advocate for universal access to health with a particular focus on HIV prevention, Testing and treatment services and sexual and reproductive health and non-communicable infections.
  • Services: We referral and link our members to LGB-friendly HIV and STI prevention, care and treatment sites managed by partners and facilitate psychosocial support sessions for LGB persons living with HIV.
  • Empowering MSM communities: Poverty reduction, Education and Environment management, promotion of human rights of Gay men living positively, Male Sex workers and other MSM’s/ WSW’s, IDU’s and LGB population.
  • Collaboration and Partnership; through which we engage other civil society organisations and Government institutions in Research, and other program areas.