Queer Hive

Queerhive is a youth-focused, social support and advocacy organization for Lesbian, Bisexual, Queer womxn & Gender Non-Conforming folk (LBQGNC) in Kenya. Formerly Kenya
Campus Lasses Association (KCLA) which mainly focussed on LBQ womxn, it was re-structured in 2018 to reflect and address the dynamic needs of our current membership which comprises of a significant percentage of gender non-conforming and nonbinary persons as well as LBQ womxn.

Queerhive seeks to enhance the lives and amplify the voices of LBQGNC youth in Kenya through advocacy, partnerships and referrals, knowledge production, capacity strengthening and creation of safe spaces.

Queerhive’s vision is for LBQGNC youth growing up in Kenya to live their best lives with an awareness of themselves and pride in their identities in an environment of equal access to health, education, safety and opportunities that gives them a beautiful life and well-being.

Focus Areas

  • Sexual and mental health
  • Security
  • Economic and social empowerment
  • Knowledge Production

Our focus areas are guided by the following objectives;

  • To improve access to crucial health information and services for LBQGNC youth in Kenya.
  • To create safe online and offline communal spaces for LBQGNC youth in Kenya to engage and find communal support and care.
  • To enhance the professional and advocacy capacities and skills of LBQGNC youth in Kenya through skill building and providing opportunities for higher education.
  • To advocate for LBQGNC folk’s right to produce, disseminate and access critical information on gender and sexuality within the struggle for the right to free, transparent and open information for all.
  • To leverage the power of digital media and research to advocate for and increase the visibility of LBQGNC youth in Kenya.