Who is galck+?

galck+  is the national umbrella body for 18 LGBTQ+-led organizations working to advance the health and human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, gender non-conforming and queer people in Kenya. We are a representation and celebration of the Kenyan LGBTQ+ community. Our work has so far inspired cohesion amongst people who appreciate diversity and recognize that everyone has a right to equal opportunities irrespective of their real or perceived sexual orientation, gender and expression.

In line with our vision of a safe and enabling environment for all, our  primary areas of expertise are the following:

  • Coordination: Ensuring that a diverse group of LGBTQ+ community stakeholders engage actively, meaningfully, persuasively and collaboratively. Responding to challenges and internal politics, identifying common grounds and creating platforms for cooperation.
  • Capacity strengthening: Building the technical competence of member organizations and emerging organizations and groups in programmatic, operational and management-related activities.
  • Alliance building: Building active, willing and vocal allies in different areas of society, who create support for LGBTQ+ human rights in their fields and areas of influence.

Who is Positive Vibes?

Positive Vibes (PV) is an organisation working primarily in Africa, expanding into The Middle East & South-East Asia. Our work centres around the themes of development, human rights and change. It’s all about learning how to change societies and people’s lives for the better – and making concrete contributions to ending othering, discrimination and oppression.

We align ourselves with the interests of groups, organisations and movements of people whose human rights are unjustly limited or denied. Currently, our strongest focus is on work with LGBTQ+, sex workers, people living with HIV, and adolescent girls and young women.

Our approach is based on the conviction that people can:

  • take charge of their own lives, organisations and movements;
  • strengthen themselves to more effectively shape their own futures;
  • use their voices and actions to contribute towards the larger goals of social inclusion, social justice and equity.


LILO = Looking In – Looking Out

“LILO Identity is a personalised approach to exploring gender identity and sexual orientation. The workshop aims to move individuals towards a positive LGBTQ+ identity, a strong self-concept, and a high regard for themselves as LGBTQ+ individuals. Participants are encouraged to integrate their LGBTQ+ identity with their other qualities and roles – and to see themselves as complex, multifaceted human beings with many strengths and skills. Topics cover language, the emergent development process of exploring sexual orientation and gender identity, relationship skills, creating a circle of positive support, skills for coming out and understanding the impact of prejudice and discrimination.”  

Application: If you are interested in applying, please complete the following questions as thoroughly as possible. This form must be accompanied by a CV and submitted to info@  with the email subject: LILO Identity Facilitator Application 2022.