Usawa Kwa Wote Initiative (UKWELI) Mombasa

Faced with harassment from the police, and the general community, limited access to LGBTI friendly health services security concerns like mob attacks, expulsion from home, school and neighbourhoods, violence and even continuous arrests of members by the police due to their perceived or real sexual orientation led to the formation of USAWA Kwa Wote Initiative (UKWELI) Mombasa.

UKWELI Mombasa was founded in June 2010 and registered on the 23rd September, 2011 as a community based organization (CBO) located along the Likoni-Lungalunga highway in Msambweni District in Kwale County under the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Development.

UKWELI Mombasa is an LGBTI/ Male sex workers organization that offers HIV prevention, Sexual and Reproductive health, Advocacy on social health to the sexual minorities in South Coast and  Kwale County

Mission: To empower the community through provision of capacity building  on sexual  and reproductive  health ,advocacy on social health, legal and economic issues for the sexual  and gender minorities in South Coast, Kwale County.

Vision: Healthy, legally, economically empowered sexual and gender minorities.

UKWELI's focus areas include

  • Peer to peer monthly programs; These forums provide a safe space where members of the LGBTI community can discuss anything that affects them. They also share ideas and ask for advice and come up with the way forward. During these forums, safer sex commodities like condoms, Water based lubricants and IEC materials are distributed to members accordingly.
  • HIV Testing and Counseling; In collaboration with our partners, we carry out HIV Testing and Counseling activities with the help of our trained counsellors and peer educators who mobilize members to come out for testing. UKWELI also participates annually in World AIDS day celebrations.
  • Persons Living with HIV and AIDS Support group meeting; These support group meetings help our members living with HIV cope with disclosure adherence, nutrition and general health moving forward
  • Legal Assistance; In collaboration with partners we facilitate forums to increase the understanding of our members on their human rights and the legal environment. legal support and adivse is also offered on a needs basis.
  • Economic Empowerment; We encourage our members on the importance of saving and trying other alternative entrepreneurial mechanisms.