The Plight of Gays While Seeking Health Care Services in Kenya

16 Dec 2016

With the changing world, there is a demand vested upon people to respect rights and freedom of other people.Modernization has even given a voice to the voiceless.The people who never spoke freely like the gays and lesbians can fearlessly come out and demand their rights. Research has shown that gays, lesbians, bisexual, and the transgender…

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Kenya’s anti-gay laws lead to harassment, LGBQ persons say, want change

15 Dec 2016

Activist and musician Joji Baro (George Barasa) hides his shoulder-length hair under a grey mavin. The 25 year-old likes to put make-up on his delicate face and walk with a bit of a strut. But Joji Baro chose boyish clothes today and admits that he cannot fully express himself when he is around Kenyans. “What…

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Gay-friendly Clinics fight stigma, high HIV infection among men

13 Dec 2016

Mitchell, a gay man, found out he was HIV-positive two years ago. Thoughts of making frequent visits to hospital frightened him, he says. The last time he had been to hospital, a doctor had called a group of his colleagues and they examined him without touching him. Mitchell had anal warts. Some of the doctors…

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Are you happy or are you gay?

06 Dec 2016

COLONIAL LEGACY?: ‘In essence, in pre-colonial Africa, homosexuality was widely practised, so why the post-colonial push to make it illegal? Where did this notion that it is illegal come from to make it illicit? The laws which first made homosexuality illegal were enacted by colonialist governments, and this was mostly prevalent in former British colonies.…

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