Dinner is awkwardly quiet. The tension looming over us is suffocating.

Making up my mind, I clear my throat.

Everyone is looking at me.

“Growing up, I never realised I had two mothers until I was around 10. On that day, I had found my mothers kissing in the kitchen and honestly, I was deep in shock. Later on,  they sat me down and explained to me in clear terms that they were lesbians and were married.

My mothers loved me, and I never lacked anything in life.

They made me a disciplined, straightforward person who grew up to be a woman of great morals and integrity. They taught me everything a child needed to know at that time. They gave me advice on anything they felt I needed to know from boys to sex to periods.

They are all I need, and honestly, I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world.

I am living proof that one doesn’t need to grow up in a heterosexual family for them to make it in life.

Here are two women in love and they raised me just fine. I am forever thankful that they taught me how to respect everyone else’s identities and sexual orientation.

Love makes a family. A family is made up of people you love, and the same way every other LGBQ family out there is relevant, my family is too. Ask yourselves, how come they managed to raise me so well?”

I finish my speech and sit down. Everyone is lost in thought.

“Love makes a family.” Grandfather’s voice surprises everyone.

My mom breaks out into a sob. With that simple statement, grandfather has just accepted my mothers after 25 years of marriage.

I smile to myself.





I am BERYL OPIYO. A 20 year old writer. My pseudonym is NYAR AFRIKA.


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Beryl opiyo.