They say in those books from which they draw their prejudice that to love others one must first love themselves, I shall take that action. To celebrate every person who possesses a deliberate boldness to live their truth, in all its color and pizzazz, all who stand against a culture pickled in traditional values and sealed tight in its ways. Every person that heeds the call of their inner self to live bravely, without fear and without restriction. That in itself, is a bravery that deserves recognition.

In celebrating courage, this is a salutation to the people who make up our world, to whom through blood or relation we are affiliated. This is in honor of every act of bravery we witness in our daily lives. To celebrate every individual who has risen above the excuses of religious beliefs and traditional hogwash. Every person whose heart is full of nothing but genuine acceptance and well intentioned support. If I have ever neglected to fully express my gratitude, let this be considered as a portion of it. The love and support of family, that alone can cancel out any hate the rest of the world throws my way.

The quality of life I lead with the knowledge that my family accepts me, loves me and supports me for everything that I am, nothing could compare.  These are the stars to my universe, the very source of my confidence, the soil that nurtures my soul and pushes me on. In a world that persecutes a core principle of my being, the notion that the nest from which I came is a cozy haven for every part of me, is the most comforting feeling. Every person who infuses in me such wonderful positivity, every single one of them, I consider them family.